After recieving your damaged wiring, it will be professionally restored in our factory. We only use high temperature silicon cables which have been approved in the machinery industry to resist more than 200 ° C. After the restoration, your wiring will have a much better quality than the original wirings used by the manufacturer. This quality advantage will also lead to a much higher durability.

If you don’t like to do the disassembly and installation of your refurbished harness / throttle body on your own, we can make sure that upon delivery of your car, our partnes will do the necessary steps.

Please make sure to contact us for further informations

Your benefits:

  • Cost savings up to 75 % on OEM price
  • High fitting accuracy
  • Special requests can be considered during the restoration of the wiring (LPG, KLR)
  • Fast processing, so you do not have to wait on your vehicle