About us

MKB TEC was founded in 2015 in Lollar Germany Since then, our core business has been the professional repair of wiring harnesses and throttle bodies of classic Mercedes-Benz cars from the late 80s and early 90s.

But we can now also offer professional services for other brands and models. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

The abbreviation MKB in our company name stands for ther german word “Motorkabelbaum”, which means “engine wiring harness” and goes back to the beginning of our business activity, when we initially with the repair of engine wiring harnesses for the first generation of mass-produced Mercedes four-valve petrol engines. (M111, M104, M119 and M120)

Since then, we have continuously expanded our range to include more fault-prone wiring harnesses and are also a proven specialist in the repair of throttle bodies.

In the engines that we primarily work on, wiring harnesses with inferior insulation were installed from factory. This becomes brittle over the years and finally separates completely from the strands. The consequences are manifold and range from poor engine running to poor starting behavior to defective control units.

At Mercedes-Benz these days, new wiring harnesses are either no longer available at all, or only available at very high prices. In addition, the same materials are still used, so that even a new wiring harness will fail again after a few years.

At MKB TEC, we only use high-temperature-resistant and therefore durable silicone cables in accordance with the highest industrial standards for our wiring harnesses, so that a wiring harness that we repair is completely free of wear. The wiring harnesses are custom-made and handcrafted specifically for your car, with a price advantage of up to 75% compared to the prices at Mercedes-Benz

The fact that all built engines of the series mentioned sooner or later have to struggle with defective wiring harnesses and throttle bodies ensures that we have a consistently high order volume. This is also the reason why we had to move to our new company building in Fernwald-Steinbach in 2019 and have steadily increased our staff since then.

Since then, the name MKB TEC has become a well known part of the classic scene, with us you get electrical expertise for your car from a single source. In our state-of-the-art workshop, we have extensive diagnostic tools available, so that in addition to the pure repair of wiring harnesses and throttle bodies, we are also happy to offer their assembly and other diagnostic services for your car.

We are currently working flat out on expanding our business area, so stay tuned to see what awaits you at MKB TEC in the future.