How it works

If your classic Mercedes with a first generation of four-valve engine no longer runs properly, a defective wiring harness and / or a d throttle body is often responsible. The reason for this lies in the poor quality insulation of the original wiring harnesses. This hardens over the years, becomes brittle and finally separates completely from the strands. As a result, there is no longer any electrical insulation. New wiring harnesses are either very expensive or not available at all from Mercedes. In addition, their insulation is still made of the same material, so that renewed wear of the strands is inevitable. In the case of throttle bodies, there are also defective potentiometers, circuit cards, magnetic couplings or servomotors. . As a result, the engine runs irregularly, there is a lack of power, the engine dies or the vehicle can no longer be started at all. This doesn’t have to be! Our experts will professionally repair your wiring harnesses or your throttle bodies. We only use high-temperature-resistant silicone cables (up to over 200 ° C), these are completely wear-free, so your classic Mercedes is ready for many more carefree kilometers.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost savings of up to 75% compared to Mercedes-Benz prices
  • Very good fit, as we rebuild your wiring harnesses exactly
  • Use of high temperature resistant, wear-free silicone cables (up to over 200 ° C)
  • The fulfillment of special requests is possible, for example the wiring harness of your LPG system or your cold start controller can be integrated into the engine wiring harness



  1. Order the corresponding repairs by placing an order here in our shop
  2. Remove the parts that you would like us to professionally repair from the car. A corresponding video instruction is available free of charge on our YouTube channel:

    Playlist Harnesses:

    Playlist Throttle Bodies:

  3. Send the removed and roughly cleaned parts to our company address: (MKB TEC, Hauptstraße 26, 35463 Fernwald-Steinbach, Germany)

Caution:Please print out the order confirmation that you will receive from us by email after ordering and enclose it in the package.

  1. Sobald wir mit der Instandsetzung beginnen erhalten Sie von uns eine Rechnung per Email. Bitte bezahlen Sie erst, wenn Sie die Rechnung erhalten haben.
  2. After payment has been made, we will send you the repaired parts back immediately

Notice: If you don‘t want to or can‘t do the removal and subsequent installation by yourself, this can also be done in our own workshop However, an appointment is required for this. The costs for the removal and installation are based on the respective effort and are individually agreed with you.